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Solar PV Training

Learn to Install Photovoltaic Systems

With interest in renewable energy sources on the increase it’s vital to keep up with demand. Solar PV training courses offer you the chance to learn valuable trade skills which can take your business and earning potential to new heights. With many courses on offer it’s worth taking the time to learn a few facts about the courses so you are able to decide which one is best for you, or for your team of employees.

Will PV Training be beneficial for me?

Before going any further it’s worth asking yourself whether you will truly benefit from training in this area of expertise. The main concern is always will there be enough interest to ensure the investment in your training will pay off. To help you answer that question here are a few points to consider. Homes and businesses in the UK are choosing renewable energy for three main reasons:

  • Demand has increased in recent years thanks to government funding and grants from local councils
  • The high cost of utility bills is the number one concern of home owners. As prices continue to rise home owners are turning to more affordable options in a bid to reduce their expenses.
  • Concerns about the environment are now a part of life. The use of fossil fuels is known to have negative effects on the environment and on health. Lifestyle is changing to use more sympathetic methods of obtaining energy for both of those reasons.

As a result of the above points, the demand for trained solar PV installers and inspectors is not being met. You can take advantage of this by taking the training you need and start offering your new, much sought after skills.

Can anyone attend the course?

All of the solar PV courses are suitable for practicing electricians who already hold a number of electrical qualifications. However even if you have no previous electrical experience, it’s possible to obtain the qualifications you need in a matter of weeks by attending the pre-requisite courses we have available.

What courses are available?

Each of the courses we offer educates to a high level and has received accreditation by the MCS. The one you choose will depend entirely on the qualification you want, availability in your area and your current level of qualification.

> City & Guilds 2372/2399 - City & Guilds are very well known and therefore these two courses are extremely popular. The certificates are internationally recognised and you have the choice of attending the City and Guilds 2372 which is solely based on solar PV training or the City and Guilds 2399 which introduces other renewable energy sources.

> BPEC & LOGIC - The newest qualifications available in PV training come from two awarding bodies, Logic and BPEC. As a result of being new to the industry, you will find that these qualifications are more competitively priced.

> NICEIC - If you are already registered with the NICEIC, or are aiming to register in the future this PV training course may be a good choice. It’s the only solar training course offered by NICEIC at this present time.

Contact our team of experts on 0844 330 7382 to discuss any of these courses in greater detail.