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Solar Energy Opportunities Increase

As more and more people face financial hardships, more homes are looking at saving money on their energy bills. The government are pushing energy efficient homes right now, and it is hoped that all new builds will be built to high specification with sustainable heating systems. This is great news for anyone who cares for the environment, anyone looking to save money and of course anyone looking to learn new trade skills in solar PV installation.

Your Skills Will Be in Great Demand

As the use of solar panel becomes more mainstream, and almost expected, the need for the trained professionals has risen. If you want to expand on your business adding solar energy services is a great direction to take. The government have many grants available for businesses and homes looking to install solar panels, however it is thought that these grants will be reduced and even stop in some areas. With people concerned about missing out on the financial help it means orders are increasing.

The sooner you receive the training the better. There is no need to think that once the grants dry up so will the works. All new housing developments will be looking at sustainable energy and solar panels are one of the most reliable and cost effective options out there. Council projects are adding solar panels so the chances of being hired on multiple contracts are huge.

Training courses are available throughout the year and in many different locations in the UK. The small investment you will be spending on the qualification is well worth the possibilities that your new trade skills will present. Make yourself highly desirable in the country and in others as the spread of solar panels increases.

Choosing the Right Course

There are many excellent training courses in Solar Units. One of the popular choices is the City and Guilds 2372 course. This course is perfect for those who are already trained as electricians. To be accepted you will need to hold a qualification to prove your skills, such as a NVQ level 3. To find out more about solar trade skills and training call 08443307382.

posted on: 15 Jun 2012

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