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The Ultimate Manual PAT Testing Kit

The PrimeTest 250 PATBag offers an all-in-one solution to those with a manual PAT testing regime and includes the new PrimeTest 250, a comprehensive handheld tester. Inside this rugged and lightweight carry bag you’ll find everything you need for your PAT testing, including a PrimeTest 250 tester capable of all electrical tests required by the IEE Code of Practice including 3 phase* and RCD trip time.

The PAT Testing machine can also be purchased seperately. Please contact a member of the team on 08443307382 to discuss which machine/bundle will best suit you!

Each PATBag comprises of:

- PrimeTest 250 - The most comprehensive manual PAT tester on the market
- Rugged and lightweight PATBag carry case with compartments for all of your PAT accessories and labels
- PATGuard Elements manual data-entry software (optional)
- A Seaward PAT Business Builder – A CD-rom and booklet resource pack for those running or starting up a PAT service business
- A full length PAT Training DVD with online exam and personalised certificate
- A Seaward Guide to Portable Appliance Testing
- A handy PAT reference look-up card – with recommended test frequencies and limits
- PAT register and test record for keeping a record of results
- 500 pass labels
- 500 fail labels
- A quick start video guide to your PrimeTest 50 PAT tester
- 110V adaptor

Ideal Users:
 - Hotels & Leisure
 - Service
 - Maintenance
 - Electrical Contractors
 - Facility Managers

PATGuard Elements:
The PrimeTest 250 PATBag can optionally include PATGuard Elements, a manual data-entry
software program made for ease and speed of use. PATGuard Elements enables you to
maintain a full test history for each appliance you test and has the option to print professional
reports and invoices if required.
* Seaward 3 Phase leakage adaptor required

PrimeTest 250 Specification

Earth Continuity:

Output Current

Test Voltage(o/c)

Test Duration(Class I Test)

Display Range

Pass Value(Class I Test)
200mA Minimum into 2ohms

9V DC Nominal

2s Nominal

0.01 ohms to 19.99 ohms

0.2 ohms

Insulation resistance:

Test Voltages

Test Duration (Class I or II)

Display Range

Pass Value
250/500VDC @ 1mA nominal,<2mA (s/c)


0.01 Mohms - 19.99Mohms

1.0 Mohms Class I

2.0 Mohms Class II

Equivalent Leakage

Test Voltages

Test Duration

Display Range

Pass Value
40V Nominal AC 50Hz Open Circuit

2s - 30s Nominal

0.1 mA to 19.99mA

0.75mA CLI / 0.25mA CL II

IEC Lead Test:

Tests Voltage

Test Duration

5V DC nominal

Time for test <2s max)

Live, Neutral Checks foro/c, s/c and crossed

Protective Conductor Current

Test Voltage

Test Duration

Display Range

Pass Value
Supply Voltage, max Current 13A

30s maximum

0.15 mA to 9.99 mA

0.75mA/3.5mA (user selectable with 0.75 mA as default)

Touch Current

Test Voltage

Test Duration

Display Range

Pass Value
Supply Voltage, max current 13A

30s maximum

0.10mA to 5.00mA


3 Phase Leakage Current

Test Voltage

Test Duration

Display Range

Pass Value
3 phase Supply Voltage

Continuous Measurement

0.10mA to 9.99 mA


RCD Trip Time

Test Voltage

Test Current

Test Current Phase

Measuring Range

Pass Value
Mains Supply Voltage

30mA rms Sinusoidal

0-180 Degrees auto swiched on alternate tests
0ms - 500ms


Power Socket Check

Input Voltage Range

Indicates Configuration of Voltage Potential
225 - 254V AC max current 13A UK

Line Potential Phase to Earth

Line Potential Phase to Neutral

Line Potential Neutral to Earth



Optional Accessories:
 - PATGuard Elements (387A910)
 - NTB-1 RCD Isolator (372A953)
 - 3 Phase Leakage and earth continuity adaptor (391A910)
 - Rhinotags – Ultra durable PAT testing pass labels (91B309)
 - Rechargeable batteries + charger (339A950)
 - PAT Checkbox (227A910)
 - PowerCheck 1557 (369A910)