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Focus on Helping the UK go Green

Chris Huhne, the former cabinet minister, has given a warning about the economic growth of the UK stating that the growth strategies success depends on the pursuing of ‘green growth’. He claims that rather than choosing between going green or growing, the real option is invest in energy efficiency and clean energy else there will be no growth at all.

Growth Needs to Come from Going Green

More homes need to be built or adapted to be more energy efficient in order to help reduce costs and help businesses to grow. This will mean that more money is needed to support such areas, and those trained in trade skills with a focus on energy awareness will be provided with the big task of helping the UK change from being a wasteful country into one which is highly energy efficient.

With more families in the UK looking to reduce their monthly and yearly outgoings there is a lot more demand for energy efficiency in the home. One of the most commonly used methods of ‘going green’ is the installation of solar panels. These can be used to heat the home and hot water, provide electricity and even to generate an income by selling electricity back to the grid.

Are You Energy Aware?

This is a good time to add energy awareness onto your list of trade skills, or to fully retrain and make a living from helping homes and businesses with their conversions. There are many courses available focusing on teaching the skills required by those looking to enter into the world of renewable energy and energy awareness. Some courses are designed to give answers to those looking to transform the way they use energy in their own homes, and not specifically looking for a change in career too.

During renewable energy awareness courses you can learn about the available methods being used in the UK. These include solar thermals and PV, biogas, air source heat pumps and micro wind. You can be advised about available grants and how to apply for funding as well as the financial side of transforming your home into one which is fully energy efficient. If you would like to attend renewable energy courses call 0844 3301382 and ask for some professional advice.

posted on: 05 May 2012

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