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City & Guilds 2391-50 Initial Verification and Certification of Electrical Installations

Available in-house

City & Guilds 2391-50 Initial Verification and Certification of Electrical Installations

Sevenoaks SE01 (Kent)
08 November 2012 // 08:30

13 November 2012 // 17:00

£595.00 GBP + VAT

The course will be held on the 8h and 9th and the 12th and 13th of November.

Course Description:

Course Introduction

All domestic installers and electricians looking to improve their skill range can benefit from partaking in the City & Guilds 2391-50 Initial Verification Course.  You’ll gain a professional qualification which will allow you to safely and efficiently perform inspections and verifications on new installations, including 3 phase installations.
The course teaches legislation and the principles and practices for the verification of electrical installations.  You will learn all the necessary information required for installations including testing, commissioning and certification.  The topics of the course are:

- How to safely isolate circuits and installations
- What the requirements are for initial verifications
- The requirements for the inspections of installations before they are put into service
- Safe testing and commissioning requirements
- Tests required before energising circuits
- Testing energised installation requirements
- Completing electrical installation certificates and the associated documentation
- Safe working systems for inspection, testing and commissioning before completion
- Inspections
- How to commission electro technical equipment and systems

In addition to the above skills there is a strong focus on health and safety and all the relevant documentation you will use is also covered.  You will also learn about the correct procedures required when working with clients.

Who is the City and Guilds 2391-50 Course Aimed Towards?

The City & Guilds 2391-50 is designed for candidates that have some experiences working with electrical installations, and knowledge of electrical science. The ideal candidates are contractors already working within the industry that require the skills and qualifications which will allow them to adequately test and inspect installations and perform initial verification and certification.

We advise that students with limited knowledge of testing attend the City & Guilds 2391-50 before attempting the City & Guilds 2391-51.

Gain a Recognised City and Guilds 2391-50 Qualification

Employers within the trade respect City & Guilds qualifications, which are formally recognised all over the UK and internationally.  With this welcomed addition to your CV you’ll be able to verify, test and perform inspections on electrical installations.

City and Guilds Initial Verification Course Duration

The course lasts between 4/5 days and can be taken at many of our excellent training venues in the UK.  All of the tutors and inspectors are fully qualified and ready to help you to master the course content and go on to successfully gain the Initial Verification Certificate.
City and Guilds 2391-50 Training Assessment and Success

At the end of the 5 days you will be assessed to ensure you have fully understood the content.  There are three assessments which are as follows:

1.    An online multiple choice assessment testing the Principles, practices and legislation for initial verification
2.    A written assessment on the Principles, practices and legislation of initial verification
3.    A practical assignment of Principles, practices and legislation of initial verification

These City and Guilds 2391-50 courses are tutor led and held at various training centres up and down the UK

Please note – The exam date for this course may be different to the course date as it is scheduled by City & Guilds themselves. The tutor on the course will arrange this with you if it has not already been done. City and Guilds also require registration usually 6 weeks prior to the course commencing. If you are within this period please call us on 08443307382 to clarify whether registration is still open.

To find out more about this excellent course contact our support team who are ready to help on 0844 3307 382

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