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City & Guilds 2356-31 Electrotechnical NVQ 3 - Standard

Available in-house

We can provide this NVQ Nationwide and at Anytime!

Nationwide NA01 (South Yorkshire)
01 December 2012 // 09:00

31 December 2012 // 05:00

£650.00 GBP + VAT

Please Note This course starts immediately NOT on the date stated

Course Description:

Who is this NVQ for?

This NVQ is for anybody currently working within the electrical industry but doesn't hold the correct certification to be classed as fully qualified electrican.

Who qualifies for the NVQ?

City and Guilds requires us to give each delegate an interview to ensure they qualify and understand the requirements to complete the NVQ.

Candidates will need to have been working ‘as an electrician’ for a minimum of 2 years in order to enrol with us for the award.

You must already hold an underpinning knowledge qualification, for example the City & Guilds 2330 to Level 3, 236/2360 and 2351 (all 8 Units). There are other qualifications which are acceptable, so please call us on 08443307382 to discuss this.

If you do not hold any underpinning knowledge qualifications, but have still been working as an electrician, then you will need to complete the Knowledge Assessment Scheme, which is not a pre-entry requirement, but a extra element within the portfolio to ensure your technical knowledge is up to scratch. Please click here to view this qualification.

How and what will be assessed?

Candidates, are assigned an assessor on registration, and they work with him until completion. Full contact details are provided, so you can have access to the trainer at anytime if needed. Employers can also have access to the portfolio, so that they can monitor the progress of their employees.

You will need to gather evidence from the workplace which will be assessed and verified by our trainers. The evidence will indicate that you are working to the standards expected of an electrician and, have an understanding of the appropriate electrical theory.

We are able to provide this NVQ at any location in the country and you can start at anytime. The assessments are completed on-line using our e-portfolio system.  The evidence which they will need to produce to support the narrative, is also uploaded onto the system.

There are 8 Units in the NVQ which are broken down into a number of elements. Here they are:
•    301    Ensure safe site working
•    302    Diagnose and correct faults in electrotechnical systems and equipment
•    303    Provide technical and functional information to relevant people about electrotechnical systems and equipment
•    304    Maintain a safe and healthy working environment
•    305    Prepare to install electrical wiring systems, wiring enclosures and equipment   
•    306    Install electrical wiring systems, wiring enclosures and equipment
•    307    Connect wiring systems and equipment using safe and approved methods
•    308    Inspect, test and commission an electrical installation

To cover the units you must consider the following questions:

Do you have contact with and provide information to at least TWO of the following
•    Customers Clients
•    Team Leaders
•    Charge-hands/Supervisors
•    Other contractors and non-electrotechnical operators

Do you work in at least TWO of the following environments?
•    Confined spaces
•    Working near machinery
•    Commercial
•    Industrial
•    Agricultural

Do you work in ALL of the following conditions?
•    Inside
•    Outside
•    Working with non- electrical contractors

Does your work involve at least TWO of the following safety aspects?
•    Safe isolation
•    Permits to work
•    PPE
•    Method statement/risk assessment

Do you use at least TWO of the following access systems?
•    Ladders
•    Steps/Trestles
•    Scaffolding/towers
•    Platforms/MEWPS

Do you work on at least THREE of the following types of wiring system?
•    MIMS
•    PVC/SWA
•    PVC Singles
•    PVC Twin

Do you work on at least THREE of the following types of wiring enclosure?
•    PVC Conduit
•    Steel Conduit
•    PVC Trunking
•    Steel Trunking
•    Cable Tray
•    Basket Systems

Do you work on at least THREE of the following types of electrical equipment?
•    Luminaires
•    Control Systems and components
•    Switchgear and distribution panels
•    Electrical Plant
•    Motors and Starters
•    Components and Accessories

Do you work on at least TWO of the following types of electrical system?
•    ELV and LV Single phase
•    Multiphase
•    Power
•    Lighting and Controls

Do you undertake ALL of the following types of electrical tests?
•    Continuity of Circuit Protective Conductor
•    Continuity of Ring Final Circuit
•    Insulation Resistance
•    Polarity
•    Earth Fault Loop impedance
•    Operation of RCD’s

Do you diagnose and rectify TWO of the following types of electrical faults?
•    Overload
•    Earth leakage
•    Open circuits
•    Short circuits
•    Over-sensitive RCD’s
•    High resistance joints
•    Incomplete ring circuits

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