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Bpec Renewable Energy Awareness course

Available in-house

Bpec Renewable Energy Awareness course

Dartford DA01 (Kent)
10 December 2012 // 08:30

11 December 2012 // 17:00

£349.00 GBP + VAT

Course Description:

This Bpec Renewable Energy Awareness course is a 2 day training and assessment course held at our renewable training centres across the UK.  It is open to anyone wishing to gain a further insight and national qualification in renewable energy awareness.  The renewable energy awareness course includes solar thermal, solar PV, micro wind, micro hydro, biomass, biogas, ground and air source heat pumps awareness training.  This is not an installers course, but serves as an introduction to the green energy and environmental technologies involved.

The course offers a nationally recognised renewable awareness qualification through Bpec Certification.

The training objectives include; a broad understanding of the various renewable energy technologies available, green energy payback times, renewable energy grants scheme, selection of appropriate renewable energy systems.

The Bpec Renewable Energy Awareness course is taught at our Renewable training centres across the UK, the course modules cover:

  • Course aims and objectives
  • Introduction to renewable energy
  • Solar Thermal (Solar Hot water and Solar Heating)
  • Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV)
  • Heat Pumps (GSHP, ASHP and WSHP)
  • Biomass and Biogas boilers
  • Micro wind turbines
  • Micro hydro electrical turbines
  • Payback times for green technologies
  • Renewable energy grant schemes
  • Open book assessment



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