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Basic Electrical Training Courses

posted on: 15 Jun 2012

When performing any electrical task there are risks. Sometimes organisations need to ask their staff to operate, check or test some electrical equipment. When non-trained employees work on electrics the risks are high and the employer could be in serious breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

The best way to avoid calling out the electrician is to train staff in basic electrical trade skill training.

The advantages of providing the training to your employees are:

  • Reducing the risk of harm or incidents
  • Ensures the work is performed correctly
  • Reduces the risk of prosecution if anything was to go wrong

The electrical training course provides all students with basic level training which should be perfect for carrying out very basic tasks in the workplace. All candidates will leave with multiple skills such as how to work safely and recognise the safe working practices when it comes to working with electricity in the workplace. Other aspects which are covered are:

  • How to work within the electrical legislation meeting the set requirements
  • Understanding electrical principles
  • Carry out basic level electrical tasks
  • Able to carry out a safe isolation of electric circuits
  • Understand and follow electric circuit diagrams

Your employees will gain important skills which will help them to carry out the jobs you need them to without putting lives at risks. The skills learnt on this course can be used as a base to grow on in the future if the candidate so desires.

The Perfect Training for the unskilled

This course is aimed at people with no skills when it comes to working with electrical items. Electrical training at such a basic level is perfect for tradesmen and mechanics that may be required to work on some electrical systems from time to time. They will become a great asset to the company and become more flexible in their abilities and usefulness to any project or within the workplace.

If you wish to attend the course, or send any employees on for training ensure that the candidate has some basic skills in numeracy and literacy. Find out more about this course and further trade skills opportunities by calling 08443307382.

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